Non-Profit Organisationen, Sozialprojekte, Umweltverbände entstehen aus dem Wunsch, aus einem tiefen Bedürfnis, Gutes zu tun – Mitmenschen, Umwelt und Natur zu helfen; die Welt ein Stück besser zu machen. Was oft fehlt? Die finanziellen Mittel, um diese so wichtige Arbeit ins rechte Licht zu rücken und der Öffentlichkeit zu präsentieren – um folglich mehr Gelder für die eigentliche Arbeit zu generieren. Ein Kreislauf, der die Idee zu FORWARD lieferte.

Forward ist ein Creative-Collective verschiedener Kreativschaffender, das Unterstützung im Bereich Foto und Film anbietet.

Durch eine professionelle visuelle Unterstützung, zielgerichtete, moderne und zeitgemäße Bildsprache wird den Projekten geholfen mehr Aufmerksamkeit auf ihre Arbeit zu lenken und somit zu wachsen. Das entstandene Foto- und Filmmaterial steht den Organisationen kostenlos zur freien Verfügung.
Ngo’s, social projects and environmental organisations are born from a deep desire to do good - to help others, clean up the environment and look after nature; simply put - to make the world a better place. But something is often missing? The financial means to put this vital work into perspective and to communicate it to the
public - in order to generate more funds for the work at hand. A process that inspired FORWARD.

Forward is a creative collective of various artists which offers support in the field of photography and film.
Through professional visual support, targeted, modern and contemporary imagery, projects are fostered in drawing more attention to their work and thus inviting growth. The photographic and film material created is available to the organisations free of charge.
PROJECTS - we support with our work
PROJECTS - from our friends

My project

Do you have a new project you want to kick off and need pictures or an already existing project,
that you would like to push further with a fresh modern visual style?


My contribution

Would you like to invest some of your time in actively supporting others?
Are you a photographer, cameraman, editor, graphic designer, programmer... and do you want to use your creativity to help social projects? Do you know projects that might need multimedia support?
If you would like to support one of the projects financially, please get in touch with the respective contact person directly. (Link attached to the pictures)

If you have any further questions, just contact us by mail.

Hansi Heckmair
Urs Golling
Christoph Jorda
Kathrin König
graphic designer/ organisation
Tobi Attenberger
Rasmus Kaessmann

My name is Hansi Heckmair, and I was born and raised in the Bavarian pre-Alps, just south of Munich. From 2009 onward, I have been working as a professional features and advertising photographer internationally within the fields of outdoor, lifestyle, travel and sports. Photography and cultural exploration have helped me to see life and the world we live in from different perspectives. My work as an advertising photographer has pushed me time and time again in all areas of visualization in order to accept and master any creative challenges that might arise.

After several years with countless shootings it is time to go back to the roots and continue what motivated me back then to pursue photography as a career. To use photography as a means to communicate and maybe even make the world just that little bit better. Everybody has the possibility to shape their cosmos by being proactive. By setting up FORWARD it is my passionate wish to invest some of my time, money and creative work to support others. I am looking forward to a positive cooperation with people who are happy to do their part and work as a team. Let's push things FORWARD.


Matthias Baudrexl / Janine Höflich / Paul Lydtin